José Ramón Gómez Álvarez - Partner


Credentials: Partner Gómez Álvarez SL

José Ramón has a degree in Law from the Universidad de Granada and a diploma in Management Business Administration from the "Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Empresa" (IESE) of Madrid. He is "Inspector de Trabajo y Seguridad Social" for the Public Administration but currently is on leave and practices in the private sector.

He has been the Managing Director of the "Sociedad Estatal de Estiba y Desestiba" of the port of Málaga for more than a decade. He has lectured in the"Escuela de Graduados Sociales" of Las Palmas and in the "Escuela Superior de Estudios de Empresa" (ESESA) of Málaga. He has been member of the board of the Port Authority of Málaga.

Profesional experience :
He has a very wide experience in Labour Law and in the Spanish Social Security. He advises quite regularly to private individuals, companies and public bodies. Amongst his clients, there are multinational and S&MS companies related to foodstuffs, transport, building, stevedoring and trade.

Languages: English and Spanish

Office: Málaga


  • E-mail:
  • Tel: + 34 952 21 17 74
  • Fax: + 34 952 22 66 76

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