Our leading set consists of practitioners with multi-disciplinary backgrounds and a special focus to conduct business in a variety of languages; there are Doctors in law, high-profile public servants currently not in service, Masters in Law, and other degrees.

All the professional of our set are very skilled in legal practice and capable of working in various languages. We often work with external consultants for admiralty cases, such as Master Mariners and Naval Architects, or experts in international trade and other complex matters.



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Latest News

  • 26 Dec 2016
    New High Court ruling on the meaning of NYPE charterparty terms

    Charterers and owners ought to be aware of the court`s view on the meaning of clause 8 of the Inter-Club Agreement (ICA) 1996, which will affect their liabilities under the contract. ┬áThe Commercial Court has recently issued a decision on an appeal on behalf of the charterer against an Arbitration Award where they were found […]