Our initial involvement in this area of practice has become as a natural development of our shipping and commodity business in oils, LNG, bioethanol and biodiesel products. From market abuse, risk management, derivatives or credit issues, we are involved in a wide range of matters affecting energy trading.

We assess clients on all types of energies in their negotiations and drawing up of contracts, contacts with the authorities regarding concessions and licences, project financing, sanction proceedings for infringement of environmental protection laws and security issues.

Our focus is to assist our clients to develop and help them to seek access to new markets and projects like the biodiesel and bioethanol industries. We find it a challenge to contribute and work together to find creative and functional solutions.

We advise on all aspects of project development and operation. We carry out due diligence and risk analysis. We are looking for contractual structures and arrangements to deal with fast-changing European Regulations, reviewing commercial agreements to ensure compliance with relevant competition laws.